Competition is not only the driving force behind social and economic development but also an important incentive for corporations to improve product quality, enhance service performance and raise operation efficiency. However, some companies might engage in different types of behaviours to interfere with the normal operation of the market in order to reduce the extent of competition. These behaviours are anti-competitive and corporations should refrain from engaging in such behaviours. Enhancing the awareness of anti-competitive behaviours among individuals and corporations is important to the effective prevention of these behaviours. Competition Forerunner is one of the activities organized by COMPAG to achieve this aim. Through the interesting stories of different characters in the game and the simple examples of anti-competitive behaviour, students and young people can have a better understanding of anti-competitive behaviours and hence a lesser chance for them to engage in these behaviours in future.

The islanders on the Fairplay Island have been living a very happy life. Their principle in dealing with people and things on the island is one of fairness. Some of the dwellers on the Fairplay Island have become filled with greed through unfair means.

Game players choose to play the role of one of the 6 islanders. These characters will find themselves in different situations. And then they choose their path or way of doing business. Different decisions lead to different outcomes and these outcomes are assigned different points (points being added or deducted). The programme of this game will calculate the points and assess the players.

City Chan

Chan is a famous businessman who owns a construction company. Many well-known buildings on the island were developed by Mr. Chan. He loves his work and architecture. He hopes one day all the buildings on the island will be built by him.

Greenie Look

Look is the owner of the farm which produces Hercules brand vegetables and he has thousands of acres of farmland on the Fairplay Island. The Herculesbrand vegetables are very popular among the islanders because they become stronger and more energetic after eating these vegetables. Mr. Look, his wife and his 9-year-old daughter are also big fans of Hercules brand vegetables.

Chain Lee

Lee is a very smart person and operates the famous supermarket chain in the city. The chain has 30 branches all over the island.

Milly Wong

Wong is a toys manufacturer and wholesaler. She has a weak character and easily falls prey to others.

Charlie Jin

Jin is a heavy truck driver. He is knowledgeable and always helps the oppressed against injustice.

Rosy Cook

Cook is an outdoor mechanical game operator who loves cooking. She has once won the championship in a cooking competition.